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We have a marathon runner at Three R’s! A huge congratulations and well done to Tiffany!

With months of training behind her, Tiffany took on the victory lap around London’s course on Sunday 21st April 2024. But her marathon saga began long before the starting line, with numerous attempts at the marathon ballot until she got the golden ticket in summer 2023. A feat in itself, with only 50,000 participants being selected from a ballot of over 500,000 entries – Tiffany knew she couldn’t let the opportunity go to waste. It’s been a huge journey of perseverance, dedication, and sheer determination.

Undeterred by winter’s icy grip, she trained rigorously, facing temperatures as low as minus 2, fueled by an unwavering commitment to her goal.
But it wasn’t all just about distance running. Next came the challenge of the fundraising target, as well as the mental and emotional management of getting herself across the finish line.
We always knew Tiffany could – and would – do it – but that’s much easier said when you’re not the one in the running shoes!

With unwavering support from friends, family, and the Three R’s team, Tiffany conquered the iconic London Marathon course, beaming throughout. Her victory wasn’t just in completing the marathon but in surpassing her fundraising target of £2.5k for Evelina Children’s Hospital. Donations didn’t just come from close to home, with supporters from far and wide sending their support, as well as a huge amount of well wishes from our schools and teachers to boost her confidence in getting across the finish line.

And so with electric energy and excitement in the air in London on Sunday, Tiffany’s support squad of friends, family and Three R’s pushed our way through the many spectators in the hopes of getting a glimpse of Tiffany on her victory lap. And wow, was it worth it!

With the marathon app and phone service struggling to keep pace with the crowds, we had to rely on recalling Tiffany’s training sessions to estimate her whereabouts. (Pretty hard to judge how long it takes to run a mile when you’ve never even run 100m in your life!). At mile 9, the anticipation grew with each wave of colourful runners – some sweating, some smiling, some in fancy dress – all pushing towards that finish line. Perched on our toes, craning over the barriers, we saw Tiff’s beaming smile and ribbon-adorned hair round the corner honestly, making it look like a walk in the park! We woo’d her on, for family to meet her again at miles 10, 15 and 18 as they sent updates to the Cheer Squad chat.

“She still has run in her”. “True grit, keep it up”. “Come on Tiff, you can do it.” “Keep going we’re here with you”.

So buoyed by the love and support of her family, Tiffany continued to shine throughout the day. Beaming with smiles and even in good enough spirits to joke “the tracker should be working because I’m still running!”. Of course, the most iconic of landmarks at Tower Bridge, was the most fitting of backdrops for Tiffany to stop for hugs and love-yous with her two daughters – the eldest of which, Mercy, Tiffany was running for in support of Evelina Children’s Hospital.

As she neared the finish line, with exhaustion beginning to set in, her determination never wavered. Walking a stretch with her family by side, the end was finally in sight and Tiffany crossed the finish line to enter the 1% club and become a LONDON MARATHON RUNNER!

We couldn’t be prouder of her achievement and are immensely grateful to everyone who supported her along the way, including our teachers and schools. Congratulations Tiffany, and to all the participants of the London Marathon. Your dedication and perseverance inspire us all.

Don’t miss the opportunity to show your support for Tiffany’s incredible cause at

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