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Anti-Bullying Week: Our Commitment

Anti-Bullying Week is more than just a week on the calendar for us; it’s an annual reminder of our dedication to creating safe, inclusive, and supportive learning environments. Over the years, we’ve been actively involved in this important initiative, but for 2023 we aim to up the ante.



Make A Noise: The Importance of Speaking Up

This year’s anti-bullying theme is ‘Make a Noise’ encouraging us to speak out against bullying. Whether that be through telling somebody when bullying is actively happening, asking for help or sparking discussions to raise awareness of bullying in all its forms and ways to prevent it.



Our Approach: Assemblies, Campaigns & Competitions

Our goal is to engage students, educators, and parents alike, sparking discussions, fostering empathy, and encouraging solidarity. We’ll be offering three ways to get directly involved with Three R’s and Anti-Bullying Week via:

Assemblies: Our specially designed Anti-Bullying Week assemblies are not just informative; they’re engaging. With our mascot, Reggie the Owl, students stay connected and captured in the assembly message, as well as actively participating in the assembly themselves. If you’re interested in Three R’s & Reggie attending your school as guest speakers then contact

‘Caught Me Caring’ sticker campaign: Stickers may seem small, but their impact is monumental. Our sticker campaign is a visual representation of our collective commitment to kindness. Reward those students displaying acts of kindness and care to their peers with one of our ‘Caught Me Caring’ stickers. Each student who receives a sticker is also entered into a prize draw to win a £20 Amazon voucher. It’s heartwarming to see students proudly wearing their Anti-Bullying Week stickers, knowing that they are part of a larger movement.



Poster competition

We understand that resources and time can be limited in schools, but that shouldn’t stop you getting involved with Anti-Bullying Week. Our poster competition encourages students to express their own thoughts and feelings on the important issue of bullying in a creative manner. Each entry could see the artist win a £20 Amazon voucher and £100 book voucher for their school.

Celebrating Success

The success of our involvement in Anti-Bullying Week is a collective achievement. We’ve witnessed students who once felt isolated come together in solidarity. We’ve seen teachers leading by example, fostering a culture of respect and inclusion in their classrooms. We’ve heard from parents who feel confident that their children are in a safe and supportive environment.



Looking Ahead

While Anti-Bullying Week 2023 runs from 13-th-17th November, our commitment continues beyond this. We encourage schools, parents and everyone to stand up against bullying each and every day.

Anti-Bullying Week 2024 is already on our radar, and we invite all our schools, Trusts,  students, educators, parents, and the community to join us in this ongoing journey towards a kinder and more inclusive future.

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