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Four top tips for teachers

As an educational professional, you take on the duty of care for the young people in your classes. You are trained to spot the signs of anxiety, stress or other health and social issues among students, and you’re an expert at helping and supporting them and encouraging them to access appropriate resources.


Prioritising yourself

However, are you equally vigilant when it comes to your own health and well-being? A recent survey by the NASUWT found that 91% of teachers felt that their job had negatively affected their mental health, with 64% saying that work had impacted their physical health.


At Three R’s we take the care and support of educators very seriously, which is why we’ve come up with four simple but effective tips to help you prioritise your own well-being and look after

your mental and physical health.

Time with loved ones

Connecting with others is important with such a busy and demanding job. Even though you may be short of time, making the effort to chat with family or hang out with friends once or twice a week is a valuable investment in yourself which will pay off richly. With advances in technology, we can even spend that time together virtually in a Zoom chat or Portal.

Make the most of the holidays

The school holidays may seem long, but once you’ve factored in planning for next term, training, organising classrooms and taking care of your long list of domestic jobs and

chores, it’s easy to run out of time.

Prior planning will help you maximise your time so that you can get everything done and still make sure you relax and recharge. Make sure you have plenty of time to prepare for next term so that you arrive back in the classroom raring to go!


During lockdown many of us found ourselves indulging in hobbies and pastimes, from writing poetry to learning a musical instrument. Taking a little time to do something just for the love of it is nourishing and enriching. Whether you have a passion for walking, singing or creating art, make sure you give yourself a little space to flex that muscle.

Good Food and Exercise

It may seem boring but physical activity and good nutrition do help to sustain a healthy body and mind. Find a form of exercise that is a joy rather than a chore. Dancing, bouldering, yoga or martial arts, there is a plethora of choices out there, readily available in local sports and community centres.

When it comes to food on the go, we all use ready meals or delivery apps when pushed for time, However, for day-to-day meals, home cooking with fresh ingredients is a much cheaper and more nutritious option. Try batch cooking a favourite recipe and freezing in portions, or dust off the slow cooker now it’s hearty stew season again.


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