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Three R’s Teacher Recruitment present Anti Bullying Assembly to Richmond Academy School in Sheerness- helping the school to reinforce their strong values.

12th November – 16th November is Anti bullying week

Alison Nightingale from Education recruitment agency Three R’s promotes this year’s Anti Bullying theme ‘Choose Respect’ via the tale of Reggie the owl and his unique qualities and a list of ways to respect each other.

The assembly at Richmond Primary Academy engaged and excited the children when a life size Reggie joined the assembly, headteacher Mrs Evemy was happy to meet and pose with Reggie and several of her pupils too.

We were pleased to offer the school the chance for our assembly as we know how hard the team work to promote respectful values.

We emphasised the idea of celebrating each other’s uniqueness by demonstrating our odd socks, an initiative devised by The Anti Bullying Alliance* and Andy of CBBC fame.

Bullying has become such a wide spread issue that it has been reported that as many as 50% of young people will suffer the effects of bullying, so offering our empowering assemblies that reinforce acceptable behaviours are well received and aid the school in reinforcing their values.

Three R’s will be presenting the assembly at other schools across the County throughout the week.

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