Supply Teacher Guidelines

Three R’s Teacher Recruitment supply teacher guidelines

Day-to-day teaching

A good teacher is an organised and prepared teacher. This guide will help you to prepare so that you can integrate into any school quickly and with confidence.

Contact your individual consultant:
When you register with Three R’s you are immediately assigned a dedicated consultant. It is essential that you keep in regular contact with this person, updating with your availability and your feedback on schools you work at.

Your consultant will keep you informed of any possible work placements, but you are not obliged to go anywhere you do not want to. You will generally be told of placements in advance where possible. If a booking is taken from a school in the morning you will be immediately informed.

Accepting the placement

Where possible Three R’s will book you in advance for any placements, ensuring as much time as possible for a full briefing from your consultant, including relevant information about the school.

Once you have accepted a placement, you will be given the following details:

  • The name and address of the school
  • Directions to the school, depending on your method of transport (if required a map can be posted or emailed)
  • The name of the supply co-ordinator
  • The telephone number
  • The age group or specialist subject relevant to the class
  • Relevant information on the school

We will always provide you with as much information as possible.

If you cannot attend an assignment please alert your consultant immediately. We must know by 4pm the day before your placement or if due to last minute sickness 7am on the day of the placement at the latest if you are unable to fulfil your assignment.

If you are running late, let us know and we will inform the school.

Arriving at the school

Always take your Three R’s identification card and your DBS Disclosure Form with you. You should arrive no later than 8.15 am if booked in advance. Even if you have been to the school before and know their routine it is essential to arrive early so that you can prepare for the day. It is advised that you dress smartly but comfortably; you may be on your feet for a lot of the day.

On arrival, you should acquaint yourself with the supply co-ordinator who will be able to inform you of the school procedures and their health and safety policy. The school must also make you aware of any health and safety risks of the particular assignment you are to do.

It is usual that work will be prepared and set for most lessons. This should be marked at the end of the day. It is worthwhile taking your own prepared lessons with you as back up. Most schools will give you access to their resources to aid your lessons.

If at any time during the school day you feel a situation is getting out of control, follow these examples:

  • Don’t put yourself at risk
  • Don’t leave the class unattended
  • Report any incident to the Head Teacher
  • Ask two well-behaved children to fetch the Head Teacher or a senior member of staff
  • Don’t attempt to restrain any pupil
  • Inform your consultant of any incidents

Before you leave

All Three R’s teachers are advised to leave the classroom the way it was found and to leave a handover for the returning teacher, noting all lessons taught as well as relevant comments about the children and any rewards given. Three R’s can provide handover sheets on request. It is important to remain in the classroom until each child has left, primary school children must be collected by a parent/guardian. Report back to your supply co-ordinator and let them know you have enjoyed your day, then telephone your consultant and offer your opinions on the school.

If the school ask you to return the following day, and you are happy to do so, inform your consultant immediately. Failure to do so may result in incorrect pay.

Complaints procedure

Three R’s operate a complaint policy. If you have any problems or areas of concern please contact our Quality Manager in writing by post to: Complaints Manager, 8 Highpoint Business Village, Henwood, Ashford, Kent, TN24 8DH. Alternatively, you can send an e-mail to

Remember: You are responsible for yourself and the pupils in your charge while you are at the school. Be prepared for all eventualities.

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